Another stream of consciousness, this time on exile

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been intermittently consuming high doses of television. First, on the airplane to and back from Houston: a daunting 9-hour flight strapped to an uncomfortable seat, no sleep and few things to do. Then, at home in London, resigned to the dictatorship of the jet lag, which invariably turns … More Another stream of consciousness, this time on exile

Grotesque Politics

As I’m writing this article, millions of Venezuelans are struggling to survive the darkest episode in the history of our nation. Living away from home, in one of the epicentres of civilisation, while so many family members and friends remain at the epicentre of a broken nation, I am constantly searching for mechanisms to cope with … More Grotesque Politics


“I am totally convinced that most grown-ups have completely forgotten what it is like to be a child between the ages of five and ten . . . I can remember exactly what it was like. I am certain I can.” Roald Dahl I believe him. Roald Dahl must have remembered what it felt like … More Kindness