Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose has a very special place in my secret library of all-time favourite books. This library, which I carry in my heart -even though there is an exact replica in the shelves hanging in my living room- is a treasure that I guard dearly. Just like the main character … More Laughter

An idyllic melting pot

The colonisers that settled in Venezuela throughout the decades that followed the Spanish conquest were not the most illustrious of Europeans. In Spanish Crown imperial geopolitics, Venezuela played a minor role. High-flying politics was played at the Viceroyalties -provinces of the Spanish Empire- in Peru, New Granada (Colombia), Rio de la Plata (Argentina) and New … More An idyllic melting pot


  Perspective is an instrument of depth, and life without perspective is devoid of sense. Imagine one straight line on a white stretched canvas or a single crotchet floating on an empty stave. Imagine a world inhabited by manufactured humans all looking and thinking and feeling the same. No contrast. A single point of reference. Nothing to … More Perspective

Another stream of consciousness, this time on exile

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been intermittently consuming high doses of television. First, on the airplane to and back from Houston: a daunting 9-hour flight strapped to an uncomfortable seat, no sleep and few things to do. Then, at home in London, resigned to the dictatorship of the jet lag, which invariably turns … More Another stream of consciousness, this time on exile