I’m Back!

Hi Everyone! It feels so good to be back! Can’t believe it’s been four years since I last published something here and gosh hasn’t the world gone beyond bonkers ever since! 

In my universe as a Venezuelan living in the United Kingdom, with a significant part of my close family living in the United States, it’s not an exaggeration to say that what should have been the backdrop of my show, supporting characters and all, has actually ended up hijacking my role as a protagonist. I mean, all these politicians I didn’t vote for, all those wet markets I would’ve never dared to visit because of the repulsive ‘meat’ produce they sell, the almost adrenalin-like excitement of the Guaidó movement in 2018, which ended up in a bruising crash landing, the environment deteriorating more than we ever expected, polarisation, lockdown #1 and #2, the angry people on social media fighting each other over all of the above, poooph! I mean, I feel out of breath already. How were we supposed to have a life during these four years if the politicians who should’ve actually been working and remained mostly unnoticed, the conspiracy theorists who should’ve kept feeling slightly embarrassed of speaking out loud, the random loonies and incels who should’ve kept to themselves and the viruses that should’ve stayed in the body of a bat in a faraway cave, rather than, well, floating in soup, have ALL TAKEN OVER??!!


It’s 6pm. I’m going to walk Bonnie to calm down a bit, on what will be my second outing of the day. Guess what the purpose of the first one was this morning? Yes, taking Bonnie out for a loo trip as well. 

But it really hasn’t been that horrible, has it? I didn’t disappear because I stormed out of the stage, no. I stood my ground, trying not to panic and to remember my script. I stuck with my plan of writing a novel, which I finished, yoohoo! (Please stay tuned as I hope we’re both happily surprised with the outcome); I kept busy doing volunteering work and raising my two boys, with the additional drama of homeschooling in 2020 (2021 reloading), 11+ examinations the previous year, the jumble of family life, marriage and friendships. 

In the meantime, Welcome Back! I look forward to 2021, the vaccine, no orange president no more baby!, my book, hopefully a teacher training place in a lovely secondary school, my 20th wedding anniversary, a HOLIDAY ABROAD, FREEDOM, HUGS! 

I have a list of topics I want to write about: a woman in a shop in Cornwall, Bridges (both literally and metaphorically speaking), mummy woes, teacher heroes, dogs, books and some ranting about politics as always; all in all, Literature, Politics and Life through the eyes of a self-exiled Venezuelan living in London.

For some extra quibbling before addressing some lighter topics in the next few articles, please refer to my penultimate blog, published in December 2016. It’s not like we couldn’t at least partially predict what was coming.


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