A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, 1884.

Perspective is an instrument of depth, and life without perspective is devoid of sense. Imagine one straight line on a white stretched canvas or a single crotchet floating on an empty stave. Imagine a world inhabited by manufactured humans all looking and thinking and feeling the same. No contrast. A single point of reference. Nothing to challenge ourselves.

Some people do want to live in this world: one in which their own perspectives were imposed. They don’t realise the ugliness this would bring about; the distorted nature of a world blinded by a lack of sense of proportion. For where is the beauty of blue without yellow? and where is the power of light without shadows? How could harmony subsist without contrast? And what would peace mean without tension?

It is all down to acceptance: acknowledging our little -yet crucial- role in this place. It takes courage to gain perspective, to force ourselves to see through other people’s eyes; and daring humility to face “the whole picture” without turning our gaze down. I rather gather the strength however, because…perspective is an instrument of depth, and my ultimate hope is to lead a life rich in sense.

6 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Your take on perspective and the painting of the Sunday afternoon by Seurat reminded me of another Sunday afternoon in Mexico City. Here is a link to Diego Rivera’s “Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda Central” (1947). This mural has an explosion of perspectives. In the center, it is not dissimilar to Seurat, with a young Diego and his wife Frida Kahlo promenading with the Porfirian elite, the representatives of the Belle Epoque in Mexico. Yet, the dreamy Sunday is surrounded by both the colonial past and the revolutionary future.


  2. Hola Ginny, mucho tiempo sin poder leer tu blog. Casualmente la semana pasada fui a escuchar a la autora (Michael Birba) del libro “Unselfie “why empathetic kids succeed in our all-about me world. En su libro agrupa varios estudios donde demuestra que tener empatía por los demass entender o ver lo que ven los demás, influye en tu desarrollo y éxito en el mundo actual. Ella lista 9 hábitos de empatía que todos deberíamos de practicar. 😘


  3. Hola mi Ginny, en verdad me encantan todos los posts que has publicado, pero este en realidad me parece estupendo. Ese contraste que haces entre la perspectiva en el arte, que obliga el cambio de los colores, y que le da la profundidad a los cuadros y que es realmente lo que los hace hermosos. Y la vida, con personas tan diferentes, con opiniones y maneras de vivir tan distintas, que también es lo que hace que la vida pudiera ser mejor si todos aceptaramos esos contrastes…. Te felicito mi Ginny, un articulo que nos deja pensando……


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