Two Venezuelan Legends

On 18 October 1981, Venezuelan renown intellectual, Arturo Uslar Pietri, wrote a beautiful article in his column Pizarrón under the title “Las Hazañas y el Mango” –Great Feats and Mango-. The article celebrates the introduction of the mango fruit in Venezuela (with  incredibly prolific results) and reflects with nostalgia upon the “patience, foresight and efficiency” … More Two Venezuelan Legends

Why I Write

It is a fact that life experience and family history and values are the main factors which determine the way we perceive the world and the way we interact with the people around us. Our individualility is defined by the combination of our own set of values, beliefs and prejudices. The fact that these three … More Why I Write

A Kind Gesture

It was a cloudy and muggy November morning in London a few years ago. My then four month old son had been restless all night, crying and keeping everyone in the flat awake. Wrapped up in a cosy blanket, he now slept peacefully in his buggy, while the jolting tube sped up and stopped in a … More A Kind Gesture